Friday, 14 December 2012

Warhammer Online environment concepts from the archives

I was digging through some folders on my PC and found a few 'fast turn around' environment concepts I did back in 2004, while working on Warhammer Online. It was nice to try something different as my focus was/is generally on characters.
They were 1-2 hour concepts done in photoshop for the Environment team to use for location and model guides.

This is a long shot of 'Chiseltooth Peak' which was a Dwarf mine that had been overrun by Skaven, hence the eerie green glow of Warpstone from the entrance.

Here's is a closeup of the entrance with partially ruined dwarf architecture and the remains of a couple of unlucky adventures who went looking for treasure in the depths.

This is a shot of the entrance to 'Rat skull Barrow' which was another dungeon. This was meant to look like an ancient Barrow where men of an earlier age were laid to rest. Adventurers might find treasure or magical items inside, but they would risk awaking the ancient 'Undead' kings and their kinsmen who guarded them.

And lastly, here are some modelling and scale guides for environment props that we planned to place in different locations. The first row are Elven Waystones which channeled magic through the land, second row are Dwarf marker stones which would line ancient Dwarf roads and on the bottom row; Undead Monoliths that would line the route to Barrow entrances as a warning to the brave/foolish.

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